I’ve Got My Baby On My Mind   (CRC 125)   Steve Jacques


Circle Left - *I stare out the window in a dream

But the world outside isn’t what I see

Walk around your corner - Seesaw around your own –

Left Allemande and Weave the Ring

I’m dreaming about the lips that taste like wine

Swing the girl around and you Promenade

I don’t care if it rains or if it shines

I’ve got my baby on my mind.



Heads/Sides - Square Thru go four

And with the Sides/Heads you make a Right-Hand Star

Heads/Sides - Star Left and roll it one time –

To the corner lady do the Right and Left Thru

You Swing Thru and then Swing Thru again –

Swing the corner girl and Promenade

Someone else would only waste my time

I’ve got my baby on my mind.


** Slowly one by one the memories start –

        And softly she walks across my heart


*** A phone call brings me back to earth –

But I don’t want to talk unless it’s her


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