Me Neither   (Crown 141 )   Matt Worley


Sides face, grand square
Darling, I've been standing here just watching you all night
And I think I've caught you watching me a couple times
If I don't ask I'll never know
This may sound dumb but here we go
Do you believe in love at first sight

Circle left
Me neither-I'm glad that we agree
Allemande left, swing and promenade
This music is so loud
Would you like to go & grab a bite to eat
Me neither


Heads (sides) square thru in the middle
4 hands around and go
Around that corner lady you do a dosado
Swing thru and then
Spin the top my friend
Boys walk up and do a right and left thru
Well, square thru 3/4 around the ring
Swing your corner and promenade the ring
I can see an empty booth
Would you like to maybe sit and talk a while
Me neither


Sides face, grand square
It's nice to finally meet a girl who doesn't move too fast
I was only checkin' that's the reason that I asked
Relationships need time to grow
You and I should take this slow
And darling, tell me would you like to dance

Circle left
Me neither-I was just being polite
Allemande left, you swing and promenade
This music is so loud
Would you like to go and grab a bite to eat
Me neither


4 ladies promenade 1 time around
Back home you swing, swing your lady round
Join hands, circle left, go walking around the ring
Allemande left the corner, weave the ring
Me neither
I'm glad that we agree

Swing your lady, promenade the ring
I'm running out of lines
Don't you think it's time for me to end this song
Me neither