All You Need Is Love    (CRC 155)   Steve Jacques


Sides face, grand square
So you say you wanna tie the knot
And you're askin' me if I think the two of you have got
What it takes to make it work
Well, one thing's for sure

Allemande left, weave the ring
Let me say I'm happy for you both
Swing your girl and promenade
If you want to do it right, just take my advice
All you really need is love

And a license and a blood test and a bunch of invitations

And flowers and music and candles and cake
And a bunch of rice

Now what's that expression on your face?

And a bridesmaid and a groomsman and a wedding coordinator
And food for the reception, you'll need someone to cater
Did I forget to mention that you'll need a couple of rings
And, of course, a P.A. system

Now you look so happy you could cry


Heads promenade half

Swing thru, boys run, bend the line
Right & left thru
Pass the ocean, boys trade, girls trade
Pass thru, corner swing and promenade
Don't worry, you'll be fine if you keep in mind
All you really need is love


All you really need is love