The Boogie Man   (CRC 163)   Steve Jacques


Sides Face Grand Square

**Next to Louisiana on the Texas side

There’s a little country joint where they let it ride

All the backwoods boppers shoutin’ “Go, cat, go!

Allemande Left the corner and Weave the Ring—

They’ve never been afraid of the Boogie Man

Swing your girl around and Promenade the square

So don’t you - don’t you be afraid of - the Boogie Man.



Heads/Sides–Promenade go halfway round—

Walk in & Square Thru count four around—

Go all the way around & do a Right & Left Thur

Veer left—Ferris Wheel around you go—

Come on & Square Thru three-quarters—

Your corner Swing - Swing your corner—

Promenade that Square—

So don’t you - don’t you be afraid of - the Boogie Man.


**Grandpa’s in the corner with his fishing clothes—

    Reeling to the rhythm everywhere it goes-                                                                      

    All the boogie woogie babies tearing up the floor


**In El Dorado at the break of day—

    That boogie woogie man will be slippin’ away                                                                           

    All thought ‘You’re never gonna know when he’s gone.


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