Timber (CRC 177)   Jerry Junk


Circle Left

 * The right time - the right place

The right body - the right face

Left Allemande - do a Do-Sa-Do your own—

The Boys Star Left - one time around you know —

Turn the partner by the Right — corner Allemande

Swing your girl - Promenade the land —

Timber - I’m falling in love.



        Heads/Sides - Promenade travel halfway around —

        Down the middle Square Thru - go four hands you found —

        Go all the way around - do the Right and Left Thru

        Veer to the Left - Couples Circulate one place —

        Half Tag - Scoot Back and go —

        Swing your corner girl — Promenade her on home —

        Timber - I’m falling in love.


Alternative Lyrics:
*It started slow - it’s coming fast —

   I’ve got a feeling - it’s gonna last.

        *Who knows - how love starts

            I woke up - with you in my heart.


TAG: Timber - I’m falling in love.