You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (CRC 201) Scot Byars



            Sides Face Grand Square

          You are the sunshine of my life -

          that's why I'll always be around -

          Allemand Left and you Weave the Ring -

          You are the apple of my eye -

          Swing - Promenade -

          Forever you'll stay in my heart.



            (Heads/Sides) Lead Right and a Right and Left Thru turn the girl -

          Veer to the Left and then, the Couples Circulate -

          Men Circulate While the Ladies Trade -

          Everybody do a Half Tag -

          Scoot Back go boys -

          Scoot Back go girls -

          Swing Your Corner - Promenade -

          Yes, I'd find myself drowning in my own tears.



TAG: Forever you'll stay in my heart. Ohhh..