I Won’t Mention It Again (CRC 217)   Drew Scearce


Side Face Grand Square

I know you are tired of being all I ever wanted

You no longer feel the Love I have for you

Circle Left

What happens now, what will I do

Left Allemande and Promenade

And the dreams of all the things we’ll never do



The Heads (Sides) Promenade go halfway

walk in and Square Thru Four

Go all the way, and a Right and Left Thru

Veer Left and Ferris Wheel and go,

The Centers Square Thru Three hands around

Swing your corner and Promenade

Leaving nothing but this hunger in my soul



Side Face Grand Square

But I won’t mention it again

I won’t think about tomorrow

Just let it happen live each hour day by day

Allemande Left and Weave

But let me tell you before you go

How much I love you

Then I won’t mention it again

I won’t mention it again


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