Welcome to Crown Records

Crown Records has consistently provided quality square dance records since releasing its first recording - "Pistol Packin' Mama" by Bob Worley - in 1989. Due to its long-lived popularity in the square dancing community, this release has been recently updated and is still available to square dancers.

Only allowing the recording of real musicians, using real instruments, Crown Records music has a full, rich, professional sound that square dancers appreciate and enjoy. Square Dance callers find the melodies easy to follow and the square dance choreography provided easy to learn.

To date, Crown Records has released well over 100 recordings (many reaching the Top 10 in sales), including country, bluegrass, pop, rock, techno, gospel, holiday classics, and standards. The label features a variety of nationally and internationally known square dance callers.

Other services included by Crown Records Staff:
  • Square Dance Caller services for regular square dance clubs and special square dances
  • Party nights for non-square dancers (fun dances everyone can do)
  • Beginning, intermediate, and advanced square dance lessons
  • DJ Music and/or square dance caller services for wedding receptions, birthday parties, church socials, picnics, neighborhood block parties, etc.
  • Master of Ceremonies for events and special occasions

Note: All services provided by Crown Records Staff and Guest callers are contracted and negotiated directly with the individual square dance caller.

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