Services Directory

Square Dance Caller services for regular square dance clubs and special square dances, Party nights for non-square dancers (fun dances everyone can do), Beginning, intermediate, and advanced square dance lessons, DJ Music and/or square dance caller services for wedding receptions, birthday parties, church socials, picnics, neighborhood block parties, etc. Master of Ceremonies for events and special occasions, and even sound for your festival or convention! All services provided by Crown Records Staff and Guest callers are contracted and negotiated directly with the individual square dance caller.

Name Phone eMail Services Provided (See Key Below)
Bob Worley 757-467-2557 BA, MS, PL, TD, RA, LI, CS, CN, CD, FE, FT, TC, LS
Matt Worley 757-435-6429 BA, MS, PL, RA, LI, CD, FE, FT, TC, PA, DJ, LD, LS, WD
Scot Byars 916-320-7207 BA, MS, PL, A1, A2, C1, C2, RA, LI, CD, FE, FT, TC, PA, DJ, CW, LD, LS, WD
Elbert Harrison 252-619-5711 BA, MS, PL, LI, RA, TC
Charlie Robertson 580-618-8508 BA, MS, PL, A1, A2, C1, C2, RA, LI, CD, FE, TC, PA
Drew Scearce 571-213-1821 BA, MS, PL, LI, FE, FT, TC

Services Key
BA Square Dance Basic Program C1 Square Dance C-1 Program CD Community Dance Program WD Weddings & Cerromonies
MS Square Dance Mainstream Program C2 Square Dance C-2 Program FE Festival Caller
PL Square Dance Plua Program TD Traditional Square Dance FT Full Time Caller
A1 Square Dance A-1 Program RA Recording Artist TC Travelling Caller
A2 Square Dance A-2 Program LI Licensed with BMI & ASCAP PA Party (for non-dancers)
CS Caller Seminars & School Instruction CN Contra Caller DJ Provides Disc Jockey Services
CW Country Western Instruction LD Line Dance Instruction LS Live Festival Sound